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  •  LoanBack is just what I was looking for. Both my son and daughter are in debt to me each w/ a computer which I paid for. It was simple enough for me to follow and for them to understand.  

    from Millersville, PA
  •  My experience using LoanBack was great! I wanted to be able to tailor a Promissory Note to the specifics that I had in mind without going to an expensive attorney. I was able to do that with LoanBack. The situation involves a personal loan to a friend and I wanted a signed promissory note in case payments are not made. Thanks for such a great site! 

    from Castle Rock,- CO
  •  The reason for my loan was that I borrowed part of the down payment on my home from a friend. My friend gave me the money without requiring me to sign anything. I wanted to provide him with a Promissory Note to show my good faith in repayment. I chose to do it myself because I didn't feel that a lawyer was necessary. In addition, I didn't want to encounter the fees that lawyers charge. LoanBack helped me by providing the Promissory Note with easy instructions and I really liked the Installment Schedule attached. Needless to say, my friend was impressed with the document.  

    from Houston, TX
  •  I'm a real estate investor. I bought a house that the seller was willing to owner-finance. She didn't have any idea how to draw up the paperwork. LoanBack made it easy.  

    from Auburn, AL
  •  I was looking for an easy do-it-myself loan agreement to borrow some money from my mom to pay off some high interest credit cards. In addition to saving me tons of money in interest, it helps her because I'm giving her a better interest rate than she was getting with a savings account. A win-win.  

    from Trumbull, CT
  •  I used the service to assist a parent with preparing a legal and binding contract. It was simple and included all the legal stuff to make me feel confident. The payment schedule clearly outlined amount due, due date and balance. All was clearly outlined for both parties, which made the transaction uncomplicated.  

    from Whittier, CA