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  • Download the application, sign it and email it back to us.
  • Use your LoanBack affiliate code when you promote LoanBack on your website or blog. You can create your own promotion or use one of our ads.

Promote a service that helps others - A total Win - Win

Personal loans from friends and family are helping tens of thousands of users, particularly in these tough economic times. LoanBack is an essential service for formalizing these personal loans, protecting the interests of the lender and borrower.

  • LoanBack helps lenders secure their loan and enter in a more formalized relationship with the lender (friend or family).
  • LoanBack helps borrowers secure loans they might not be able to obtain from traditional banks and also avoid high interest rates.
  • Providing education and awareness about the potential of personal loans will help potential lenders and borrowers unfamiliar with how to build a personal loan or who are misinformed about their options.

Partner with a reliable and trustworthy firm

  • You do not want to partner with just any firm on an affiliate program. LoanBack has a proven track record with thousands of customers. In our 3 year history, LoanBack has facilitated over $1.2billion in person to person loans.
  • Loanback is managed by Monvia Inc, a company with a proven track record of working closely with such established companies as Yahoo!, Bank of America and Conde Nast.

Learn more about your audience

An affiliate relationship can help you learn to understand your customer behavior - what your audience is responding to and with clicks and sign up statistics you will able to learn what triggers certain sign ups in the most effective way… this is very valuable insight that you can apply for other campaigns or your own communication.

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